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Hillside Stability & Slope Stability

Hillside stability and slope stability problems often make the news in the Pacific Northwest. Every winter we read about homes and hillsides collapsing in Puget Sound, Washington and other high rainfall regions.

Don't let this happen to your home! Call Directed Technologies Drilling at 800-239-5950 to find out how we can help you control landslides or mudslides on your property.

Heavy Winter Rains & Pacific Northwest Geology Lead to Slope Failure

Heavy winter rains combined with the peculiar geology in the Pacifc Northwest allows water tables to rise, adding weight and increasing hydraulic pressure in the hillsides. When this happens, the hillsides, and houses, start to move when landslides or mudslides occur.

Hillsides move under the weight and pressure of the water. Slides can be simple surface failures (mudslides) or deeper rotational failures (landslides). These rotational slides show up as large blocks of soil broken off from the hill. They often start with cracks in the ground or a slump in the slope. We often see springs form before a failure occurs. If you live on a bluff or a steep slope, you must watch for these warning signs.

Many homeowners do what they can to control the water on their property, but find there are no simple ways to do so. Directed Technologies Drilling has the experience and expertise necessary to help homeowners deal with their runoff, seepage and erosion problems.

Gravity-Driven Drains can Save Your Home!

Landslide prevention
	  achieved through installation of a horizontal drain at the interface of a permeable sand layer
	  and an impermeable underlying layer.
Directed Technologies Drilling has developed a method of dewatering hillsides that is effective and reliable. Our horizontal drains work by gravity, eliminating the need for pumps, electrical connections, and constant maintenance.

Hillside dewatering, surface water controls and vegetation plans for mudslide prevention.We are able to install these drains in all kinds of terrain including areas where there is little access for heavy equipment. These drains, in combination with surface water controls and proper vegetation, can provide slope stability for your hillside and prevent your home from tumbling down the hill. We have successfully installed drains throughout Puget Sound and other high rainfall areas and have helped many homeowners prevent expensive damage to their property.

Equipment and Technology to Solve Slope Stability Problems

Directed Technologies Drilling has a well-deserved reputation for solving erosion and stability problems. A member of the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), we have state-of-the-art equipment and technology to solve surface water, ground water, and erosion problems. We work with homeowners, helping them decide the best means to deal with their particular situations. We often identify solutions that homeowners can implement themselves, saving time and money. We also offer the latest stabilization materials and equipment suited for their site and our climate.

If you are a private homeowner or a property developer and have questions about hillside stability or slope stability for your homes, please contact our stability experts or learn more about the differences between Mudslide Prevention and Landslide Prevention.